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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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eLearning News has merged with the other CIT Flexible Learning Solutions edublog OTN@CIT.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Showing students that writing for a blog is different.

“The speed of reading in the age of the digital has changed, and we need to help students navigate this…Reading on the internet requires two separate skills: one, the quick analysis to find what is worth reading, and the second, a switch to slow analysis to carefully consider what has been found. What RSS does is allow students to make this distinction, to receive content as “bits” easy to scan, and then to select what they want to read.”

Weblogg-ed » Reading and Writing with RSS

Quite an interesting article (linked to from Will Richardson's blog) about the importance of showing students that putting their writing into a blog puts it into a different context than writing an assignment in class.

This leads on to examining and developing key skills in websearch/research, the ability to use RSS to quickly identify and scan useful content.

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Searching Google Video for educational content.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: How to search Google Educational Videos

It's a fairly simple couple of steps but considering how much video content is available these days, this is a very valuable tip for finding the educational stuff.

1 - Go to Google Video -
2- In the search box, type: genre:educational
3 - Follow it with anything you want to find video for.

eg. I typed genre:educational computer science

You can type genre:educational chemistry ( just follow my hyperlink) and there are some AMAZING chemistry videos from college professors. Talk about showing students what college will be like, how about letting them hear a lecture from a college prof, maybe they'll appreciate you for a change!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Make barcodes that can be read by a mobile phone camera and provide web links.

smartpox » welcome

This is kind of tricky to explain but in essence, there's a system out there now (well, ok, it's been available in Japan for about 10 years but that's neither here nor there) which allows you to generate an image like the one above.

This image, known as a QR code, represents information such as a web-link, plain text or even a phone number and what you do is put this on a sticker/poster/etc and someone who knows what it is can come along with their mobile phone, snap a picture and use software in their phone (or online) to be taken directly to that link.

So why not just write up the weblink directly - well...uhhh...because this is just cooler, ok.

But seriously, what if its a really long weblink? What if you want to know where people found this link? Did I mention that it's cool?

Anyways, the website link at the top of the page (the normal looking one) is to a site called (odd name but oh well, whatever) where you can create your own QR codes as well as find the software you need to read them.

Leonard Low (also of the FLS team here) has a bit more info up on his Mobile learning blog including some current uses for this - such as

  1. Access an URL with static content
  2. Question of the day -kind of poll
  3. Save a business card
  4. Electronic clip book
  5. Translated articles
  6. Access to additional video information
  7. Added-value services only available with the printed code (e.g. player information during the hockey game)
  8. Shopping list application
  9. Shopping list web service
  10. View new video / song of an artist, or get a ring tone / logo for your mobile phone

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Friday, September 01, 2006

13 ways to promote your podcast

Around the Corner - - Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway. - Mignon McLaughlin

Don't worry about the title of this page, this provides you with a list of 13 sites that you can use to promote your podcast for free - well worth a look.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Even more video toys (do you think I'm biased :)

Teach and Learn Online: Blip.TV rocks!!

Thanks to Leigh Blackall for this one - he certainly seems excited about it. These things seem to be getting smarter and smarter.

(from Leigh's blog -

  • Not only is it fast to upload!! Boy its fast!
  • But it gives you back an mov to save back down to your computer
  • It cross posts your video to your Internet Archive account!
  • It cross posts the video link to your account based on the tags you use for the video
  • It cross posts a frame image thumbnail across to your flickr account through your flickr account's email address!

Voice discussion boards and voice chat

The Gong Project - The Web Voice Communication Tool

This looks like a very interesting tool that FLS is currently investigating for CIT - it allows for both live voice chat as well as voice discussion boards - certainly something that might help draw in to class discussion students who feel less confident in their written communications.

If you are at CIT, contact the FLS team for more information, otherwise just check out the link.

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