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Thursday, February 16, 2006

'Listibles' Web 2.0 Products and Services

This list is currently doing the rounds in the blogosphere, because it IS really comprehensive! Keep track of it as more things are added...

As drewly (originator of the list) says
Many services are expected to replace our desktop applications.
I wonder what this means for education and our ed-tech systems? Hmmmm!

Check it out for yourself!

Monday, February 06, 2006

SMS Treasure Hunt Trading Company Profit Results!

For those keen to know how their Company faired overall, from the SMS Mobile Learning Workshop held Wednesday last week, here are the outright scores!

Group One
(Company / Profit):
Dri-Glo / $7500
VERS / $6400
J Learning / $5600
Beetlejuice / $5050

Group Two
(Company / Profit):
Douglas Adams / $7950
Robert the Bruce / $4750

Congratulations Companies, you all traded exceedingly well! You can find a complete list of answers (including references) here.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

SMS Treasure Hunt (Mobile Learning Workshop, 1 Feb 2006)

Milky Way, picture by Michael Richmond
Trading Companies zoomed around the M-Learning Galaxy, collating m-learning resources and trading them across the Galaxy in the hope they would become the most profitable M-Learning Trading Company the Galaxy has EVER seen!

As part of the Mobile Learning Workshop held yesterday, we conducted an sms-based treasure hunt with teams of people hunting around the Bruce Campus of CIT (otherwise known as "Sector Bruce") for clues and resources about mobile and e-learning, (among other profit-making activities)!

Round One:
Our first workshop contained 16 Traders who formed four Companies (four traders in each) and set off into the Galaxy. The main intention of the game revolved around three keywords: Record, Recall and Relate. That is, recording 'evidence', recalling (just-in-time) and relating (communication).

Interesting statistics from the Workshop to start with: of the 16 participants, 15 people had mobile phones. All phones had SMS (with varied experience of using SMS!); 14 had calculators; 5 had MMS, camera and a note-taker; 4 had video players; 3 had audio recorders; 1 had video recording and 1 had internet access.

Round Two:
The second running of the workshop happened after lunch, with a smaller group of 6. We split these participants into two teams.

Stats: Of these 6 participants, 5 had mobiles. All 5 had SMS and a calculator. 4 had internet access; 3 had email acces, cameras and a note-taker; 2 had MMS, video player, calendar, mp3 player, video recorder, and audio recorder. (We should note that both these teams had use of PDAs).

Resulting profits of the Companies is listed above in the next post!

A BIG thank you to all participants for joining in so wholeheartedly, and the debriefing discussion that took place after the activity raised our awareness of what it means to use mobile technologies, its challenges and advantages. might you use it in your teaching? What gaps or issues might it help you to address?
Not sure? Come and talk to us here at Flexible Learning Solutions!

Wideangle view of the Milky Way image from Michael Richmond.