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Monday, May 08, 2006

Beyond text: using your voice online

So you're interested in using audio/voice in your classes are you?

Where should you start? Well, we'd recommend checking out one fascinating project on the AFLF New Practices website titled "Beyond text: Using your voice online".

The project team took four different learning groups in four different contexts, including industry, ESL, disabilities, and youth and trades.

Using the Horizon Wimba software, they tested the use of:
  • voice chat,
  • voice email,
  • voice boards (a voice version of discussion boards), and
  • voice instruction
...and looked at the production of learning activities and related pedagogy.

You can:
  1. check out the case studies (told using the Wimba software itself),
  2. test the Wimba software in a WebCT site (check you have firewall access for this if on-campus),
  3. read the teacher how-to guides, as well as
  4. look at other alternatives for using voice online, such as
  • recording and uploading audio files to your course website, and
  • podcasting and audio blogging!
If you want to begin using voice and audio features with your students, then get in touch with us, the Flexible Learning Solutions team! If you're already working with audio then we'd love to hear from you too...tell us how it's going!