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Monday, August 21, 2006

Even more video toys (do you think I'm biased :)

Teach and Learn Online: Blip.TV rocks!!

Thanks to Leigh Blackall for this one - he certainly seems excited about it. These things seem to be getting smarter and smarter.

(from Leigh's blog -

  • Not only is it fast to upload!! Boy its fast!
  • But it gives you back an mov to save back down to your computer
  • It cross posts your video to your Internet Archive account!
  • It cross posts the video link to your account based on the tags you use for the video
  • It cross posts a frame image thumbnail across to your flickr account through your flickr account's email address!

Voice discussion boards and voice chat

The Gong Project - The Web Voice Communication Tool

This looks like a very interesting tool that FLS is currently investigating for CIT - it allows for both live voice chat as well as voice discussion boards - certainly something that might help draw in to class discussion students who feel less confident in their written communications.

If you are at CIT, contact the FLS team for more information, otherwise just check out the link.

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Making movies with your mobile

Mobile FilmMakers 2006 - MobiFilm Academy

Keeping with the video theme today, this is a pretty detailed resource for people looking to make use of the video camera functionality of their mobile phones - it appears to have some tie-in to Nokia but the general principles will still apply and there are lots of handy tips.

You might also like to think about what your students might be able to produce - could this be an alternative to writing an essay, for example?

Instructional video has a new home - Videojug

The thinking person's YouTube | | CNET

In looking at the use of video - particular in a VET/VTE context, my feeling is that one of the most beneficial applications is in the realm of the instructional video.

Next to having someone there in person to show you how to fit that washer or swing that golf club (ok, probably less of an education application but I found it pretty useful :), video allows for a range of different angles and speeds of particular actions.

This site (Videojug) - like most web 2.0 sites it seems - is currently in beta but already has a fair selection of content and also appears fairly easy to submit material to.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogging in the classroom

Weblogs in the Classroom

Interested in practical, classroom uses of blogs? - well go no further :)

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